The Musician

Annie Grace’s richly abundant talents on vocals, bagpipes and whistles have featured in countless projects. Born and raised in the Highlands, she came from a musical family, singing harmonies with her four siblings around the kitchen table. She took up the highland pipes at the age of 11, and her first performances involved marching up and down Fort William high street with the Lochaber Junior pipe band. After completing her degree at Glasgow School of Art, she served her musical apprenticeship busking on the streets of Glasgow, in folk clubs, pubs and various other venues including a residency on the Waverly paddle steamer.
She is probably best known for her work with The Iron Horse, the Unusual Suspects, Scottish Women and Grace, Hewat and Polwart. For the past twenty years, Annie has been a dominant presence on the Scottish music scene. She has toured globally from America to as far afield as Turkmenistan and shared stages with many revered performers. In demand as a session musician, Annie has also featured on numerous albums as a backing vocalist and instrumentalist.
Selected discography:
  • Annie Grace: The Bell
  • Leoni Jansen and Annie Grace: Northern Lights
  • The Unusual Suspects: Big like this
  • Aly Macrae: Popstardom beckons
  • Oran Mor and the RSNO
  • Annie Grace: Take me out drinking tonight
  • The Unusual Suspects: Live
  • Scottish Women: Live
  • Iron Horse: The Wind Shall Blow for Evermore
  • Scottish Women
  • Iron Horse: Demons and Lovers
  • Female Factory: Live at the Carre, Amsterdam
  • Jonny Hardie and Gavin Marwick: Up in the Air
  • Iron Horse: Voice of the Land (BBC Commission)
  • Iron Horse: Five Hands High
  • Iron Horse: Thro Water, Earth and Stone
  • Iron Horse: Iron Horse
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